The Art and Science of Negotiation

 Workshop for Practicing Negotiators

 Online or In-Person

Our 90-minute interactive workshop is ideal for managers, individuals working on contracts, dealing with fee disputes, sales staff, attorneys, customer service representatives, human resource professionals, regulatory officials, entrepreneurs,  and administrators.  Participants will learn how to improve negotiation outcomes through practical alternative approaches applicable to negotiation situations they face in business. The multi-media workshop content includes:

  • Know when to avoid, accommodate, collaborate, compete and compromise for the best deal

  • Learn when to walk away, when no deal is better than a deal

  • Gain different approaches to creative problem-solving during negotiations

  • Deal with difficult people

  • Understand how to enhance your power during a negotiation

Discover how our highly interactive skills workshops can improve your organization's strategic negotiation and dispute resolution capabilities. All workshops are tailored to the needs of your organization. Contact us at 267-733-7215.